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June 22, 2012

Make Good Preparation Holiday

During long holiday, it’s the right time to prepare yourself for some vacation. Not only for refreshing mind and body, vacation will change your mood at the sudden and give you satisfaction. Indonesia offers you many choice : Toba Lake in North Sumatra, Kuta Beach in Bali or even Komodo National Park.

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To have maximum benefit from vacation, we should have good preparation before travelling. Good preparation also avoid you from unnecessary thing, such as out of budget, bad transportation, etc. How to have a good preparation for vacation? Well, simply follow this tips guide you to prepare great vacation :

1.     Do Plan!
Make sure you have plan your vacation before, at least you must do survey before and know what will you do then. Go vacation without good preparation will set you in trouble. Consider several thing in your plan : cost, transportation, accommodation, people, suitcase, map, guide, etc. If you use travel agent service, make sure that the travel agent you choose has good reputation and trustworthy. If you travel by plane, make sure you reserve the ticket minimum two weeks before, to get the cheaper price.

2.     Only Bring What You Need!
Always remember, you go vacation for have fun and enjoy your quality time. Bring only what you need will help you to waste your time handling your suitcase. Heavy suitcase will make you holiday become unenjoyable and annoying, so it’s always important to be selective to bring stuff in your suitcase. Camera, phone and glasses are must bring stuff!

3.     Do Checklist
Involve checklist as your important stuff during vacation. Checklist is very important for you since your depart and leave the vacation spot. Checklist remind you the small thing which sometimes becomes very important. Checklist should contain the suitcase you bring, what-to-do & what-to-see schedule, people, etc.

4.     Check This Important Stuff!
For last preparation, check below important stuff :
·         Vacation destination, make sure that this spot is legal to visit and not in dangerous situation in last minutes you visit.
·         How long time to travel, don’t forget to predict traffic jam that may occur. It’s also anticipate you when you bring the big number of people. More time consume during travel, more cost you must spent.
·         The weather, some vacation spot is not friendly with particular weather, so make sure that you’re going to vacation spot consider this thing.
·         How many people you bring, communicate schedule and plan with them is very important.
·         Extra cost to spent.

Well, it doesn’t take a long time for you to prepare 4 points above. Good preparation before vacation will help you to enjoy your holiday more and more and bring you the rejoice and satisfaction. Happy holiday, readers!!