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July 6, 2012

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ever venture into the western part of Java Island, Indonesia? Well, in this place, located a national park called Ujung Kulon National Park, which is covering an area of ​​1.206 km2, which is the first national park was inaugurated in Indonesia. This national park consists of Krakatau island cluster and the small islands around it, such as handeuleum island and Peucang island. This national territory consists of its 443 km2 of marine area, which starts from The Cape of Ujung Kulon to the Indian Ocean.

In 1992, Ujung Kulon National Park was inaugurated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site that is protected. At the beginning of this region is an agricultural area. But when Krakatoa erupted on August 27, 1883, this area was devastated and turned back into forest. National Park which has beautiful natural scenery is now a conservation center to protect the Java Rhinoceros which the number is getting less. Currently at least 50 rhinos are in this conservation center.

Ujung Kulon National Park, Java  Rhino, Java Rhino conservation, West Java

* Classification of Ujung Kulon National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Country           : Indonesia
Category         : Nature
Criteria             : VII, IX
Region             : Asia Pacific
Official Inscription : 1991

Ujung Kulon National Park, Java Rhino, Rhinoceros, West JavaNational Park The Park is representative of the tropical rain forest ecosystem which is the largest lowland in West Java. In addition to special habitat for the rhino, the park is also used as a marine aquatic ecosystems, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems. In this place, there are at least 35 species of mammals, 5 species of primates, 59 species of reptiles, 22 species of amphibians, 240 species of birds, 72 species of insects, 142 species of fish and 33 species of coral. There are approximately 700 species of plants are protected in this place, and 57 types of which are rare plants such as Bengang ( Lagerstroemiaspeciosa ) and Luminous ( Pterospermum Diversifolium ).

In addition to nature conservation center, Ujung Kulon National Park also offers many other attractions. You not only spoiled by a variety of rare animals, but also can enjoy a river with rapids sharp, waterfalls, white sand beaches, hot springs, marine parks and cultural heritage and history are unique and interesting, such as Ganesha statue on Mount Mercury, Panaitan Island.

* Address Ujung Kulon National Park
Jl. No Independence Pioneers. 51, Labuan, Pandeglang 42 264 West Java - Indonesia
Tel. +62 253 801731, Fax. +62 253 804651

Discovery Bogor Botanical Garden ( Kebun Raya Bogor )

Walk around the city of Bogor, it would not be complete without visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. Bogor Botanical Gardens is a large botanical gardens in Bogor city, has an area of ​​87 hectares. Besides being known as a botanical garden is cool and shady, this garden has a collection of 15,000 species of trees and plants. Since opening as the tourism spot, the Botanical Garden is one of the favorite tourist destinations in West Java are very crowded, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

History of the Botanical Garden
Long before it became the Botanical Gardens we know today, the Botanical Garden was originally a part of “samida” or artificial forest, in the era of Sunda Empire around the year 1474 to 1513. Artificial forest was made to preserve the environment as a place to nurture the seeds of the rare wood. In early 1800 - an, the Governor-General Thomas Stamford Raffles who inhabit the Bogor Palace has a huge interest in botany that intend to develop the Bogor Palace yard a beautiful garden. With the help of the botanist, Raffles conjure palace became a classic English-style botanical garden. Here's an idea that became the forerunner of the birth of the Botanical Garden and pretty, green and cool.

Lady  Raffless Monument, Bogor Botanical Garden, Kebun Raya Bogor

carrion flower, Bogor Botanical Garden, Kebun Raya BogorEstablishment of Bogor Botanical Gardens started the development of science in Indonesia. From this was born a few other scientific institutions, such as the Bibliotheca Bogoriensis (1842), Herbarium Bogoriense (1844), Cibodas Botanical Garden (1860), Laboratory Treub (1884) and the Museum and Laboratory of Zoology (1894). On May 30, 1868, the Botanical Garden was officially separated the management is with the Bogor Palace yard.

Enjoying Exotic architecture around Europe
Once visitors enter the gates of the Botanical Garden, the tourists will immediately be spoiled with European-style architectural beauty that glows in the garden area. Bogor Botanical Gardens was known to be cool place because there are many large trees that shade. On the way around of Botanical Garden, then we will see Lady Raffles monument, which is a monument in memory of Lady Olivia Mariamne Raffles, wife of General Thomas Stamford Raffles (1811-1816).

Throughout the Bogor Botanical Gardens, there are many huge trees hundreds of years old. This tree is a cool place to take shelter and at once the object of interest for the photography. In addition, we are also given the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Bogor Palace, which is one of six palaces in Indonesia. The palace has some unique architecture, among others, the beautiful deer imported directly from Nepal.

Bogor Palace, Bogor Botanical GardenPull the Bogor Botanical Gardens
One appeal of the Botanical Garden is the presence of Carrion Flower (Amorphophalus Titanum), which is one of the typical flowers of Indonesia. When approaching a flower, the corpse flower will release a very pungent smell of carrion. The flower can achieve high rates 2meter and is the world's largest compound flower plants. In addition, there is also the oldest palm trees in Southeast Asia are still alive today.

* Address Bogor Botanical Gardens:
Jl. Ir. H. No Juanda. PO BOX 309 13 16 003 Bogor, West Java - Indonesia
Tel. +62 251-8322187, 83 222

June 22, 2012

Make Good Preparation Holiday

During long holiday, it’s the right time to prepare yourself for some vacation. Not only for refreshing mind and body, vacation will change your mood at the sudden and give you satisfaction. Indonesia offers you many choice : Toba Lake in North Sumatra, Kuta Beach in Bali or even Komodo National Park.

prepare holiday, holiday, vacation

To have maximum benefit from vacation, we should have good preparation before travelling. Good preparation also avoid you from unnecessary thing, such as out of budget, bad transportation, etc. How to have a good preparation for vacation? Well, simply follow this tips guide you to prepare great vacation :

1.     Do Plan!
Make sure you have plan your vacation before, at least you must do survey before and know what will you do then. Go vacation without good preparation will set you in trouble. Consider several thing in your plan : cost, transportation, accommodation, people, suitcase, map, guide, etc. If you use travel agent service, make sure that the travel agent you choose has good reputation and trustworthy. If you travel by plane, make sure you reserve the ticket minimum two weeks before, to get the cheaper price.

2.     Only Bring What You Need!
Always remember, you go vacation for have fun and enjoy your quality time. Bring only what you need will help you to waste your time handling your suitcase. Heavy suitcase will make you holiday become unenjoyable and annoying, so it’s always important to be selective to bring stuff in your suitcase. Camera, phone and glasses are must bring stuff!

3.     Do Checklist
Involve checklist as your important stuff during vacation. Checklist is very important for you since your depart and leave the vacation spot. Checklist remind you the small thing which sometimes becomes very important. Checklist should contain the suitcase you bring, what-to-do & what-to-see schedule, people, etc.

4.     Check This Important Stuff!
For last preparation, check below important stuff :
·         Vacation destination, make sure that this spot is legal to visit and not in dangerous situation in last minutes you visit.
·         How long time to travel, don’t forget to predict traffic jam that may occur. It’s also anticipate you when you bring the big number of people. More time consume during travel, more cost you must spent.
·         The weather, some vacation spot is not friendly with particular weather, so make sure that you’re going to vacation spot consider this thing.
·         How many people you bring, communicate schedule and plan with them is very important.
·         Extra cost to spent.

Well, it doesn’t take a long time for you to prepare 4 points above. Good preparation before vacation will help you to enjoy your holiday more and more and bring you the rejoice and satisfaction. Happy holiday, readers!!

May 30, 2012

The Green Canyon, Another Heaven in West Java

America have Grand Canyon which known as the beautiful heaven of America, but then Indonesia can be proud because have the beautiful heaven which almost the same. It is Green Canyon, spell almost same with Grand Canyon in America. GreenCanyon is one of the beautiful tourist destination group located in West Java.

green canyon

green canyonAdministratively, Green Canyon located in the southern coast of Ciamis, West Java. To reach this place, tourist can travel a distance for about five hours by motorcycle from Bandung, the capital city of West Java. Unlike the Grand Canyon which offer the rock cliffs scenery, Indonesia Green Canyon is a long green river views that can be traced by the boat. Along the green river, tourist will be lulled by the beauty of the trees along the left bank and right bank. It’s amazing sight each moment you through by the boat.

By hiring the boat on the spot of Green Canyon, tourist can enjoy the beauty around Green Canyon. The hire cost is relatively cheap, it’s about Rp 75.000*/ boat or about $8,5*/ boat. This boat can carry up to five peopl, which means you can bring your family or friend together in a row enjoy the beautiful of Green Canyon.

green canyonIn West Java, Green Canyon is one of the favorite tourist destinations, so that when the holiday comes, this place becomes more crowded than usual. Green Canyon is open every day at 7:30 to 16:00, except Friday 1:00 p.m. to 16:00. The best season to visit Green Canyon is a dry season, because during the dry season in the Green Canyon will be more beautiful to be enjoyed and will feel cool weather. In addition to the cliffs along the river green with beautiful trees, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon caves and beautiful waterfalls. It's really interesting to visit, right?

May 29, 2012

Mekarsari Tourism Park, Enjoy The Green & Cultivation Vacation

Several years ago, this tourism park is frequently promoted as one of tourism park in Indonesia and you will hear it often through the glass screen. Mekarsari Tourism Park is very good vacation destination suggestion when you got stuck with your daily activities. Green place with nature valuable views and family park that warm you. It’s a beautiful place and right place to spend with family or friend, especially in the weekend.

Mekarsari Tourism Park is 264 hectares park which is not only a garden plant but also the preservation of cultivation ( agronomy ), breeding and the multiplication of seeds that also distributed to farmer and the general public. It’s located on Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java province. This place is getting crowded by tourist, both local and foreign tourist. Mekarsari Tourism Park is like the miniature of forest. Tourist can enjoy regular walk around the plant or trees, getting closer to the nature in the cool and green place, far away from the pollution and noise of the city. Green space is now getting hard to found in the city, so once you visit Mekarsari Tourism Park, you will definitely want to come back and feel the same sensation of green space.

What to Do in Mekarsari Tourism Park
Here is several activity which tourist can enjoy in Mekarsari Tourism Park :
·         Plant Crops
·         Melon Garden Tour
·         Salak ( Bark ) & Star fruit Garden Tour
·         Countryside Tour ( enjoy the rural atmosphere )
·         Eco Tourism Education
·         Cultivating Nature
·         Canal Tour
·         Kids Tour
·         Spotted Deer Conservation
·         Water Recreation
·         Outbond
·         Discovery Rare Plants
·         Etc

Woow… so many choice and that’s all involve the nature on it? Mekarsari Park can be a nice place to visiting with family and best friend.

Discovery The Rare Plants
Mekarsari TourismPark offer tourist the opportunity to discover the rare plant which is unique and interesting. Beyond that, you are also allowed to know the suprerior product of fruit that have been cultivated by the expert of Mekarsari park, such as sawo putih (casimiroa edulis )from Central America, water king guava ( Syzgium Samarangense ) derive from Thailand, shucks water guava, jackfruit bulb ( Artocarpus Heterophyllus ) which having a shape like a ball, skinless jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), etc. Mekarsari Tourism Park is the park where you can see melon with unique shape, such as shape of stars, heart and cubes. The melon taste sweet and the colour is very beautiful. For some fruits with those unique shape, you can pack it and bring it home.

Happy Vacation!!

April 27, 2012

Discovery The Climbing Sensation at Mount Semeru

During enjoy your long holiday to East Java, The National Park of  Bromo-Tengger-Semeru will be a wonderful place for you to visit.  Besides enjoying the natural beauty of the park, tourists can also feel the exotic atmosphere of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, which is an integral part of.

Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java, height of 3676 meters above sea level.
Mount Semeru is very interesting and become one of the favorite hiking destination in Indonesia. To conquer Semeru volcano, the ascent starts from Ranu Pane. In this place there is a post where the climbers must report to the officer before making the ascent. Ranu Pane is one of the interesting region with beautiful scenery. In Ranu Pane, there are two beautiful lakes located nearby, the Ranu Pane and Ranu Regulo. In English, Ranu means Lake.

When climbing Mount Semeru, the first rest post on Mount Semeru is Ranu Gumbolo, it’s within 5 - 6 minutes walk from Ranu Pane. Ranu Gumbolo identical to the larger and beautiful lake. In this post there is a bungalow that is located below The Cliff of Love. The name of cliff sounds unique regarding unique story related with it. It was said, to get a mate for hill climbing in cliff of love, we must not stop and look back. It is a myth that has existed since a long time, you may believe, may well not.

After successfully climbing The Cliff of Love, the climbers will arrive at the Oro-Oro Ombo, which is a fairly broad savannas. From Oro-Oro Ombo, we will arrive at Cemoro Kandang area and move on up to Kali Mati. In Kali Mati, tourist can find the spring
where the water is potable. In Kali Mati, there is a climbing hut (bungalow ) so hikers can rest and spend the night, before finally reaching Arcopodo. Arcopodo is the last stop before reaching the peak of Semeru.

The best time to climb to the top or summit is in the early morning attack, so when arrive at the peak of Mount Semeru, tourists can enjoy the sensation of the beautiful sunrise, which is an obligatory scene to be enjoyed while at the top of Semeru. Is an amazing experience to be able to reach the summit of Mount Semeru. If you are a nature lover, then Mount Semeru is one of the “must” list vacation spot for you.

April 22, 2012

Discovery Gedung Sate - Bandung

Gedung Sate is one of the old heritage bilding located in Bandung, West Java. Gedung Sate in English translated as Satay/ Sate Building (Satay  or Sate is an Indonesian traditional food in the form of flesh pierced with a small wooden stick, which is called by sujen or tusuk sate or skewer). Gedung Sate was built in 1920 - 1924 in the Wilhelmina Boulevard or now known as Jalan Diponegoro.

Gedung Sate is a monumental work of architect Ir.
Gerber. This building has a mix of traditional architecture and construction techniques of Western and Indonesia, which is often referred to as Indo Eropeesche Architectuurstijln. Gedung Sate architecture is a blend of Italian and Moorish architectural styles from the Renaissance to the Hindu and Islamic styles. Traditionally characterized as ornaments on a Hindu temple there is the bottom wall of the building, while in the middle like a batch-roofed towers placed Meru in Bali, something common in the Islamic architectural styles. Ornaments six pole with sphere-like satay skewers  placed on the roof top batch, as a symbol of Gedung Sate construction cost of 6 million guilders.

Sate building formerly known as Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB). But later changed its name to Gedung Sate, according to the top of the ornament on the roof. Gedung Sate is currently used as offices of the Governor of West Java. If tourists want to visit this building, tourists should come on a day off because the building was only opened to the public when the holiday.

Gedung Sate is one of the favorite tourist attraction of foreign tourists in Bandung, since it has strong relationship of emotion and history of this building. The linkage of emotion and history will probably feel more complete if you climb the stairs one at a time that is available to the tower Gedung Sate. There are six steps that must be passed by each of 10 steps that must be climbed.

Besides full of historical significance, this building also has a beautiful garden, so often used as a location of family photos, wedding photos and video clips used commercially for the shooting.

Source :

March 31, 2012

Mount Ciremai National Park

West Java is known as one of Indonesia tourist destination which offer many tourism object, spread on several city and regency. One of tourism object in West Java is natural tourism type. Mount Ciremai National Park is one of them.

Mount Ciremai National Park, known as TNGC or Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai ( Indonesian ),  is a nature conservation area which functioned to protect living resources and the environment in the region of Mount Ciremai. This place formerly was Protected Forest, but then officially declared as the national park since October 19th 2004 through Forestry Ministry Decree of Indonesia no. 424/Menhut-II/2004.

Mount Ciremai National Park location is belong to Kuningan regency ( 8.931,27 ha ) and Majalengka regency ( 6.927,9 ha ). It has unique topography,  64% undulating, 22% steep, mountainous and had highest peak at an altitude of 3078 above the sea level.  This national park had three protrusions extending similar promontory in the north, west and south-west.

Mount Ciremai National Park is very rich with flora and fauna. Forest in the lowland ( below 1.000 m ), tourist will find it as the home for tusam plantations and several other species of timber trees. While the highland of the forest, at an altitude of 1.000 m is protected forest. Based on the condition of climate, forests of the national park can be distinguished on wet upland forests in the south ( Cigugur and surrounding areas ) and the upland forest in the dry northern ( Setianegara and surrounding areas ).

Forest surrounding Cigugur is very rich with many kind of trees species. At least you can find the types of Saninten ( Castanopsis Argentea, C. Javanica, C. Tungurrut ) and Pasang ( Lithocarpus Elegans and L. Sundaicus ), Mara ( Macaranga Denticulata ), Kareumbi ( Omalanthus Populneus ), etc. Otherwise, Setianegara area is dominated with other types of civil or medang ( Litsea spp. ), Saninten ( C. Argentea and C. Javanica ), Mara ( Macaranga Tanarius ), Mareme ( Clochidin sp. ), Bingbin ( Pinanga Javana ) and Mountain Pandanus ( Pandanus sp. ).

Mount Ciremai National Park is important place for animal or wildlife in West Java, especially bird. There are several endemic bird which preserve here. Some of bird which had vulnerable status also preserve here, such as Celepuk Jawa Bird/ Plop Java Bird ( Otus Angelinae ) and Ciung-Mungkal Java ( Cochoa Azurea ). Mount Ciremai National Park also had at least 18 other species of birds with the status of limited spread ( restricted area bird ) such as Java Quail-Bark ( Arborophila Javanica ), Head Violet Walik ( Ptilinopolus Porphyreus ), Takur Batutut ( Megalaima Corvina ), Java Opior ( Lophozosterops Javanicus ) and Malay Walnuts ( Serinus Estherae ).

Here are several collection of mammals preserve on Mount Ciremai National Park : Macan Tutul ( Panthera Pardus ), Surili ( Presbytis Comata ), Lutung Budeng ( Trachypithecus Auratus ), etc.

Reference : Wikipedia

Complete Result for Hotel List in Surabaya, East Java

Searching for Hotel List in Surabaya, East Java?? Check this hotel list below!

1. Accor Indonesia Group Hotel
Jl Raya Ngagel 173-175 Surabaya 60246
2. Hotel Arjuna Indah
Jl Raya Arjuno 62 Surabaya 60251
3. Restoran Asia Hotel
 Jl Tembaan 55 Surabaya
4. Bali Hotel
 Jl Makam Peneleh 77 Surabaya
5. Bandara Surabaya Hotel
 Jl Raya Bandara Juanda Surabaya
6. Restoran Bintang Hotel
 Jl Mustika 14 Surabaya
7. Bisanta Bidakara Hotel
 Jl Tegalsari 77-85 Surabaya
8. Brantas Hotel
 Jl Kayoon 76-88 Surabaya
9. Cemara Hotel
 Jl Jend A Yani 66 Surabaya
10.  Cendana Surya Sentosa
 Jl Kombes Pol M Duryat 6 Surabaya
11. Country Heritage Hotel
 Jl Nginden Intan Utr 7 Surabaya
12. Dahlia Hotel
 Jl Dinoyo 136-138 Surabaya
13. Delta Permai Hotel
 Jl Raya Sawotratap Surabaya
14. Djagalan Raya Hotel
 Jl Jagalan 64 Surabaya
15. Djaja Hotel
 Jl P Diponegoro 124 Surabaya
16. Dynasty Pondok Wisata
 Jl Kalibokor Slt 144 Surabaya
17. Eng Tjhiang Nv
 Jl Urip Sumoharjo 65 Surabaya
18. Fortuna Hotel
 Jl Darmokali 25-27 Surabaya
19. Gajah Mada Hotel
 Jl Pegirian 202/II Surabaya
20. Ganefo Hotel
 Jl Kapasan 169-171 Surabaya

21. Garden Palace Hotel

 Jl Tmn Simpang 6 Surabaya

22.  Graha Malibuwisata

 Jl Ngagel Jaya 127 Surabaya

23.  Grahasatria Dayatama

 Jl Raya Pandegiling 45 Surabaya

24. Grand Bromo Hotel

 Jl Darmo Harapan I Surabaya

25. Grand Trawas Hotel

 Jl Darmo Harapan I Surabaya

26.  Griyamas Mukti Sejahtera

 Jl Raya Ngagel 173-175 Surabaya

27. Griyo Mulyo Hotel

 Jl Achmad Jais 5 Surabaya

28. Gubeng Hotel

 Jl Sumatera 18 Surabaya

29. Hana Hotel

 Jl Makam Peneleh 86 Surabaya

30. Hasma Jaya 1 Hotel

 Jl Pasar Kembang 14 Surabaya

31. Hasma Jaya 2 Hotel

 Jl Pasar Kembang 16 Surabaya

32. Henny Executive Homestay

 Jl Dukuh Kupang XXIX 71 Surabaya

33. Himalaya Hotel

 Jl Pandegiling 320 Surabaya

34. Homestay Hana

 Jl Kecilung 8 Surabaya

35. Homestay Hormus

 Jl Chairil Anwar 10 Surabaya

36. Kafe Hoormoes Lodge & Resort

 Jl Chairil Anwar 10 Surabaya

37. Hyatt Regency Hotel Surabaya

 Jl Jend Basuki Rachmad 106-128 Surabaya

38. Irian Hotel

 Jl Samudera 16 Surabaya

39. Istana Permata Dinoyo Hotel

 Jl Dinoyo 5-7-9 Surabaya

40. Istana Permata Ngagel Hotel

 Jl Ngagel Jaya Indah 4-18 Surabaya

41. Janes House

 Jl Dinoyo 100-102 Surabaya

42. Jw Marriott Surabaya Hotel

 Jl Embong Malang 85-89 Surabaya

43. Kalimantan Hotel

 Jl Pegirian 202/I Surabaya

44. Kalimas Hotel

 Jl KH M Mansyur 172-174 Surabaya

45. Kenongo Hotel

 Jl Embong Kenongo 12 Surabaya

46.  Lanang Asli

 Jl Samudra 3-5 Surabaya

47. Legian Hotel

 Jl Tempurejo 34-36 Surabaya

48.  Legian Wisata Permai

 Jl Tempurejo 34-36 Surabaya

49. Lestari Hotel

 Jl Demak 331-333 Surabaya

50. Lesti Asri Hotel

 Jl Pasar Kembang 76 Surabaya

51.  Mahadhika Girindra

 Jl Jend Basuki Rachmad 123-127 Surabaya

52. Mahakam Hotel

 Jl Tidar 241 Surabaya

53. Majapahit Hotel

 Jl Tunjungan 65-71 Surabaya

54.  Mansur Saranatama

 Jl KH M Mansyur 165 Surabaya

55. Mas Murni Indonesia

 Jl Tmn Simpang 6 Surabaya

56. Mercure Hotel Surabaya

 Jl Raya Darmo 68-78 Surabaya

57. Merdeka Hotel

 Jl Bongkaran 6 Surabaya

58. Mesir Hotel

 Jl KH M Mansyur 165 Surabaya

59. Metropole Hotel

 Jl Kedungdoro 36-46 Pert Kedungdoro Megah Indah Bl E/20-21 Surabaya

60. Mini Ayem Hotel

 Jl WR Supratman 2-A Surabaya

61.  Multi Sejati Mitra Indah

 Jl Raya Putat Gede 77 Surabaya

62. Narita Hotel

 Jl Barata Jaya XVII 57-59 Surabaya

63. Novotel Surabaya Hotel

 Jl Raya Ngagel 173-175 Surabaya

64. Nusa Indah Hotel

 Jl Setasiun Kota 4 Surabaya

65. Hotel Olympic Hotel

 Jl Urip Sumoharjo 65-67 Surabaya

66. Pasah Asi Hotel

 Jl Pucang Kerep 33 Surabaya

67. Pasar Besar Hotel

 Jl Pasar Besar 25-27 Surabaya

68. Patra Surabaya Hilton International Hotel

 Jl Gunungsari Golf Surabaya

69. Paviljoen Hotel

 Jl Genteng Besar 94-98 Surabaya

70. Permata Biru Hotel & Cottages

 Jl Kenjeran 338 Surabaya

71. Podo Seneng Perdana Hotel

 Jl Tambak Langon 2-4 Surabaya

72. Pondok Asri Inn

 Jl Kalibokor Slt 108 Surabaya

73. Pregolan Hotel

 Jl Pregolan Bunder 11-15 Surabaya

74.  Primarona Kencana Permai

 Jl Pakis Argosari 47 Surabaya

75.  Puri Pacific Intiland

 Jl Rajawali 9-11 Surabaya

76. Puspa Asri Hotel

 Jl Kenjeran 504 Surabaya

77. Ramayana Hotel

 Jl Jend Basuki Rachmad 67-69 Surabaya

78. Resor Tuban Tropis

 Jl Raya Kupang Indah 27 Surabaya

79. Riyadi Guest House

 Jl Panjang Jiwo Permai III/7 Surabaya

80. Royal Regal Hotel

 Jl Jaksa Agung Suprapto 35 Surabaya

81. Sagita Homestay

 Jl Jemursari Slt VI 11 Surabaya

82. Sahid Surabaya Hotel

 Jl Sumatera 1-15 Surabaya

83.  Samudra Mahkota Beach

 Jl Bongkaran 66 Surabaya

84. Santika Surabaya Hotel

 Jl Pandegiling 45-47 Raya Darmo Surabaya

85. Saripuri Permai Hotel 

 Jl Mayjen Sungkono 120 Surabaya
Hotel Shangrila Surabaya

86.  Sejahtera Taman Hijau

 Jl Manunggal Kebonsari 27 Surabaya

87. Semut Hotel

 Jl Samudera 9-11-15 Surabaya

88. Semut Kali Hotel

 Jl Semut 20 Surabaya

89. Shangri-la Hotel

 Jl Mayjen Sungkono 120 Surabaya

90. Sheraton Surabaya

 Jl Embong Malang 25-31 Surabaya

91. Sinar Express Hotel

 Jl Raya Juanda 36 Surabaya

92.  Singa Barong Kencana

 Jl Kom L Yos Sudarso 11 Surabaya

93. Singaraja Indah Hotel

 Jl Peneleh 60-62 Surabaya

94. Singgasana Hotel

 Jl Gunungsari Surabaya

95. Sonny Hotel

 Jl Bratang Binangun VI 51 Surabaya

96.  Subur Abadi Raja

 Jl Urip Sumoharjo 65-67 Surabaya

97. Surabaya Grand Satelite Hotel

 Jl Mayjen Sungkono 139 Surabaya

98. Surabaya Plaza Hotel

 Jl Pemuda 31-37 Plaza Boulevard Surabaya

99. Tanjung Emas Hotel

 Jl Flores 27-29 Surabaya

100.  Tanjung Inn

 Jl Panglima Sudirman 43-45 Surabaya
101.  Tanjung Surya
 Jl Panglima Sudirman 43-45 Surabaya
102. Teratai Hotel
 Jl Wonorejo 118 Surabaya
103. Tunjungan Hotel
 Jl Tunjungan 102-104 Surabaya
104. Utami Hotel
 Jl Raya Juanda Slt Surabaya
105. Weta International Hotel
 Jl Gentengkali 3-11 Surabaya
106. Paprica Dua Hotel
 Jl.Genteng Besar 80 surabaya Surabaya
107. Wisma Bahtera Hotel
Jl.Cangkring 1 no.5-7 Cirebon Surabaya