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January 8, 2012

Keraton Surakarta ( Surakarta Palace )

Keraton Surakarta or in Javanese would completely mentioned as Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat is one of heritage tourism object in Solo. This palace established on 1744 by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II ( Sunan Pakubuwono II ). Not only cultural, this palace also one of the exotic palace in time. Generally, Keraton Surakarta has many similarity with Keraton Yogyakarta ( Yogyakarta Palace ) which was built by the same architect, Prince Mangkubumi ( Sultan Hamengkubuwono I ). Most of the palace shades of white and blue with a mixture of Javanese – Europe style. 

Keraton Surakarta divide into several complex of palace. They are Alun-alun Lor Complex, Sasana Sumewa Complex, Sitihinggil Lor Complex, Kamandungan Lor Complex, Sri Manganti Complex, Kedhaton Complex, Kamagangan Complex, Srimanganti Kidul Complex dan Kemandungan Kidul Complex, Sitihinggil Kidul Complex dan Alun-alun Kidul Complex. Several complexs are surrounded by baluwarti. Baluwarti is a defensive wall with a height about three to five meters long and about one meter thick without a bridge and enclose an area with a rectangle shape. Baluwarti is about five hundred yards long and about seven hundred yards, involve Kemandungan Lor to Kemandungan Kidul. Both complexes Square Sitihinggil and defensive walls is not enclosed.

Every complex in Keraton Surakarta have certain unique and function. For example, Alun- alun lor complex or North Square complex is the place to hold the royal ceremonies that involce the society or meeting for king and society. In the west of square there is Agung Mosque of Surakarta ( Great Mosque of Surakarta ) which was established on 1750 by Susuhunan Pakubuwono III ( Sunan Pakubuwono III ). On the edge of the square planted with banyan trees. In the middle of the plaza square there are two banyan trees (Ficus Benjamina; Family Moraceae) are given a fence. Both of these trees is called Waringin Sengkeran ( means locked banyan ), named Dewodaru and Joyodaru. Sitihinggil complex is the complex which has two gates, they are Kori Wijil gate in the north and Kori Renteng in the south. Sasana Saweyana is the main building in this complex which used to held the palace ceremony. In the north of Sitihinggil Complex, tourist will meet Sasana Sumewa complex which is the main building leading the way in Surakarta palace. In this complex, tourist can find numbers of cannon which was the heritage made by Sultan Agung. Kedathon complex is the complex where tourist can find many historical building such as the heritage of Kartasura palace in Sasana Sewaka building and also Europe style statue in the yard of the complex.

The Palace and Culture
Not only known as splendor palace, Keraton Surakarta also preserve their priceless culture. Among of them are Garebeg ceremony, sacred dance, traditional music, heritage ( heirloom ), Sekaten ceremony and Malam Satu Suro ceremony which is the Javanese tradition.

Gamelan, traditional music shown in Surakarta Palace
Garebeg ceremony held three times in Javanese calendar. Each moment of Garebeg ceremony, the palace family will make some donation as the sign of thanks to God for prosperity for the palace and society.

 Carnival Mubeng Beteng or Malam Satu Suro ( One Suro Night ) is celebration of new year according to the Javanese calendar. In Keraton Surakarta, this ceremony would be celebrated by Carnival Mubeng Beteng or move surrounding the palace, started from North Kemandungan complex of palace through Brojonolo gateway and then surrounding the entire area of the palace with the direction opposite of rotation clockwise and end at North Kemandungan yard. In this procession heritage palace put into the main part and positioned in the front row and then followed the princes palace, employees and ultimately the community. A unique is placed in the vanguard of a flock of heirloom albino buffalo named Kyai Slamet are always the center of public attention.

Kraton Surakarta collection save the collection of  heirloom or palace heritage such as gamelan music devices and the collection of weapons. Among the collection of gamelan is Kyai Guntursari and Kyai Gunturmadu who only plays during Sekaten ceremony. In addition to having heritage Surakarta palace also has the typical dances performed only at certain ceremonies. For example, sacred dance is performed Bedaya Ketawang at the coronation of the king. 

Sekaten Ceremony
Sekaten is a royal ceremony held for seven days. It is said that the origin of this ceremony since the Demak Palace. This ceremony is actually a celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. According to folklore Sekaten word derived from the credo of Islam, Syahadatain. Sekaten began with the release of two sets of gamelan Sekati, Kyai Gunturmadu and Kyai Guntursari, from palace to be placed in front of the Great Mosque of Surakarta.

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