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April 22, 2012

Discovery Gedung Sate - Bandung

Gedung Sate is one of the old heritage bilding located in Bandung, West Java. Gedung Sate in English translated as Satay/ Sate Building (Satay  or Sate is an Indonesian traditional food in the form of flesh pierced with a small wooden stick, which is called by sujen or tusuk sate or skewer). Gedung Sate was built in 1920 - 1924 in the Wilhelmina Boulevard or now known as Jalan Diponegoro.

Gedung Sate is a monumental work of architect Ir.
Gerber. This building has a mix of traditional architecture and construction techniques of Western and Indonesia, which is often referred to as Indo Eropeesche Architectuurstijln. Gedung Sate architecture is a blend of Italian and Moorish architectural styles from the Renaissance to the Hindu and Islamic styles. Traditionally characterized as ornaments on a Hindu temple there is the bottom wall of the building, while in the middle like a batch-roofed towers placed Meru in Bali, something common in the Islamic architectural styles. Ornaments six pole with sphere-like satay skewers  placed on the roof top batch, as a symbol of Gedung Sate construction cost of 6 million guilders.

Sate building formerly known as Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB). But later changed its name to Gedung Sate, according to the top of the ornament on the roof. Gedung Sate is currently used as offices of the Governor of West Java. If tourists want to visit this building, tourists should come on a day off because the building was only opened to the public when the holiday.

Gedung Sate is one of the favorite tourist attraction of foreign tourists in Bandung, since it has strong relationship of emotion and history of this building. The linkage of emotion and history will probably feel more complete if you climb the stairs one at a time that is available to the tower Gedung Sate. There are six steps that must be passed by each of 10 steps that must be climbed.

Besides full of historical significance, this building also has a beautiful garden, so often used as a location of family photos, wedding photos and video clips used commercially for the shooting.

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