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December 12, 2011

The Amazing of Kepulauan Seribu National Park

Indonesia would never stop amaze you with it collection of marine park or water conservation. In the north of Jakarta Capital City, you can spend your vacation at Kepulauan Seribu National Park. In English, Kepulauan Seribu translated as Thousand island. It is called as well because this national park consist cluster of so many small islands which is develop as water tourist island.

Kepulauan Seribu National Park consist of 4 zoning area :
Ø  The Core Zone ( MainZone ) --- > is part of The National Park area which is covered by 4.449 hecaters land that is absolutely protected and not allowed any changes by humanity.
Ø  The Protection Zone --- > function as the supporting of The Core Zone. It is also part of National Park are which is covered by 26.284,50 hectares land.
Ø  Utilization Zone --- > perform as the centre of recreation and excursions of national park which is covered by 59.634,50 hectares land. This is main part of tourism attraction, the main place that will you visit and enjoy.
Ø  Local Resident Zone --- > is populize by the local citizen as the shelter or housing resident. This zone divide into two parts which is known as Northern Zone of Kepulauan Seribu, consist of 79 island and Souther Zone of Kepulauan Seribu, consist of 31 island.

Kepulauan Seribu National Park is consist of 110 below islands :
Ø  68 islands are small islands, known with it beautiful view of white sand beaches and scorched-reef coral which has 54 species of hard/ soft coral.
Ø  20 islands are islands which have been developed as a tourist island.
Ø  6 islands are islands which have been populize by the citizen.
Ø  6 islands are owned by individual or business entity.

Land List of Kepulauan Seribu :
  • Air Besar Land
  • Air Kecil Land/ Jusi Land
  • Ayer Land
  • Belanda Land
  • Biawak Land
  • Bidadari Land / Purmerend Land
  • Bokor Land
  • Big Bira Land
  • Small Bira Land
  • Bulat Land
  • Bundar Land
  • Burung Land
  • Cipipr/ Kuiper/ Kahyangan Land
  • Damar Besar Land
  • Damar Kecil/ Wanara Land
  • Dapur Land
  • Cina Land
  • Dua Barat Land
  • Dua Timur Land
  • Genteng Besar Land
  • Genteng Kecil Land
  • Gosong Pabelokan Land
  • Gosong Rengat Land
  • Gudus Lempeng Land
  • Gundul Land
  • Hantu Barat/ Pantara Barat Land
  • Hantu Timur Land/ Pantara Barat Land
  • Harapan Land
  • Jagung Land
  • Jukung Land
  • Kaliage Besar Land
  • Kaliage Kecil Land
  • Kalang Kudus Land
  • Kayu Angin Bira Land
  • Kayu Angin Genteng Land
  • Kayu Angin Melintang Land
  • Kayu Angin Putri Land
  • Karang Beras Land
  • Karang Congkak Land
  • Karang Bongkok Land
  • Karya Land
  • Kelapa Land
  • West Kelor Land ( was Kherkof Land )
  • East Kelor Land ( was Kherkof Land
  • Big Kelor Land ( was Kherkof Land )
  • Kongsi Land
  • Big Kotok/ West Kotok Land
  • Small Kotok/ East Kotok Land
  • Kuburan Cina Land
  • Kungsi/ Kepala Dua Land
  • Laga Land
  • Big Lancang Land
  • Small Lancang Land
  • Laki Land
  • Lipan Land
  • Big Macan/ Matahari Land
  • Small Macan Land
  • Melinjo Land
  • Big Melintang Land
  • Small Melintang Land
  • Nyamuk Besar/ Nirwana Land
  • Nyamuk Kecil/ Talak Land
  • Nyamplung Land
  • Onrust/ Kapal Land
  • Small Opak Land
  • West Big Opak Land
  • East Big Opak Land
  • Big Panjang Land
  • Panggang Land
  • Paniki Land
  • Small Panjang Land
  • Pemagaran Land
  • West Penyaliran Land
  • East Penyaliran Land
  • Pabelokan Land
  • Perak Land
  • West Pateloran Land/ Big Pateloran Land 
  • East Pateloran Land/ Small Pateloran Land 
  • Payung Besar Land 
  • Small Payung Land
  • Pramuka Land
  • Pari Land
  • Big Petondan/ Pelangi Land
  • Small Petondan/ East Petondan Land
  • West Putri/ Big Putri Land
  • East Putri Land/ Small Putri Land
  • Putri Gundul Land
  • Rambut/ Middbur Land
  • Rengit Land
  • Saktu Land
  • Big Sebaru Land
  • Small Sebaru Land
  • Sebira Land
  • Semut Land
  • Big Semut Land
  • Small Semut Land
  • Big Sepa/ West Sepa Land
  • Small Sepa/ East Sepa Land
  • Tongkeng Land
  • Sekati Land
  • Semak Daun Land
  • Tengah Land
  • Big Tidung Land
  • Small Tidung Land
  • Tikus Land
  • Big Ubi/ Rotterdam Land
  • Small Ubi/ Sehiedam Land
  • Untung Jawa/ Amiterdam Land
  • Big Yu/ West Yu Land
  • Small Yu/ East Yu Land

See  The Captive/ Preservation of Flora & Fauna Real Closer
In some lands of Kepulauan Seribu, the tourist can enjoy the captive/ preservation of flora & fauna in close distance. For example to see the captive of turtle, you can find it out at Kelapa land, Panggang island, Pramuka island, and Semak island. You can also find many species of flora and fauna in many island of Kepulauan Seribu, such as noni, sea pine, nyamplung, ketapang, sea putat, red algae, seaweeds, green algae, water monitor-lizard, hawksbill turtle, dark turtle, rook- rook bird, tuna, mackerel, napoleon fish, rabbit fish, etc.


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