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December 29, 2011

Kelimutu National Park

Kelimutu National Park, 5.000 Ha national park was established on  1992. It’s located on Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Administratively, this national park lied on three districts : Detsuko district, Wolowaru district and Ndona district.

 This national park consist of rolling hills and mountains with Mount Kelibara as the highest peak, 1731 m. This national park is easy to reach. Tourist can depart from Kupang or Bima to Ende through plane. It takes about 40 minutes journey from Kupang or 90 minutes through Bima. After arrive at Ende, tourist can continue travel to Koanara village, which is the nearest village to Kelimutu national park.

Spoil your Eyes with Lake Tiga Warna
Lake Tiga Warna
Kelimutu National Park has special object that always succeed to hypnotize the tourist. It is Lake Tiga Warna or translated as Lake Three Colours. Yeah, three colours means this lake can automatically change it colour naturally into three different colour during particular period, such as from red turn to dark green and maroon, dark green turn to light green, or dark brown to blue sky. Unique and sounds cool? Absolutely yess!!

Ecosystem & Protection Forest
Kelimutu national park is an undulating area from mild to severe with hilly relief to mountainous. Inside this national park, there small forest  about ​​4.5 hectares which represents a collection of flora and fauna diversit. There are 78 species of trees that are grouped into 36 tribes.

Endemic Bird in Kelimutu
 Several collections of flora which are endemic of Kelimutu is Turuwara (Rhododendron Renschianum), Onga Uta (Begonia Kelimutuensis), and Arngoni (Vaccinium varingiaefolium). Argoni a small white flower and will turn black when ripe, is believed to be local people as the food of the gods. Others flora which is protected in Kelimutu National Park are          Ajang Kode  (Toona Spp.), Kesambi (Schleichera Oleosa), Kesi (Canarium Spp.), Kodal (Diospyros Ferra), Sita (Alstonis Scholaris), Crater (Anthocephalus Cadamba), Casuarina (Casuarina Equisetifolia) and Edelweiss.  While the fauna present in Kelimutu National Park among others : Deer (Cervus Timorensis), Boar (Sus Sp.), Forest Chicken (Gallus Gallus), Eagle (Elanus sp.), Srigunting (Dicrurus Sulphurea) and others.

What to do??
Kelimutu can be a tourism destination which is multi purposed. You can have fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery, take a round the national park and Lake Tiga Warna, hiking, learning and do some research about nature and culture of Kelimutu National Park. Woow…  this is what’ve been expected!

·         Gateway
·         Shelter
·         Restaurant
·         Toilet
·         Foots Path


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