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December 20, 2011

Bunaken, One of Most Beautiful Marine Park in The World

Bunaken Island  and Bunaken Marine Park
Do you love water tourism? Do you love diving? or Do you like water animal such as coral reefs and species of fishes? Well, next suggestion could be Bunaken Island or Bunaken Marine Park. Bunaken is an island covering an area of 8.08 km2 at Manado Bay, which is located in the northern of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

 Thorougly, Bunaken Marine Park is covered by 75.265 hectares area which is involve five islands within. Those five islands are Old Manado island, Bunaken island, Siladen island, Mantehage island ( include it child of island ), and Naen island.  Even Bunaken Marine Park has wide covered area, the diving location is limited in each of the five beaches that surround the island.      

Bunaken island can be traveled by speed boat or rented boat. It’s about 30 minutes journey from Manado port. Around the Bunaken island, you would find Bunaken Marine Park, which is part of Bunaken National Park. This marine park has marine biodiversity which is one of the highest in the world . This place would also known with The Scuba Diving, which attract many visitor come to this island.

20 Point of Bunaken Dive Spot
Bunaken has 20 point of Diving Spot. Each of dive spot has various depth up to 1344 meters. 12 of 20 diving spot points are most frequently visited since it is located around Bunaken island. In this range of diving spot, you would also find The Underwater Great Walls or known with title Hanging Walls, which is the giant rock wall standing vertically and curved upward. It’s one of most beautiful view you’ll be experience in diving.
Scuba Diving

The Hanging Wall

Beautiful Beach and Sea
If you don’t l want to experience scuba diving, Bunaken will take you for another offer, the beautiful scenery of beach, sea and what’s within the island. Most of the coastal area is consist of mangrove forest and the white sand beaches. It’s a wonderful scenery that will calm your heart and make you don’t want to go from this place. Bunaken sea has hard and soft coral reefs , coral walls are steep with various shapes and color of marine life including sharks are fish, turtles, Mandarin fish, sea horses, stingrays, and one the famous is king of the sea is an ancient fish ( Coleacant ) and there are many more which make a beautiful miniature of marine park.  The beautiful of marine park also can be seen in location of steep 1, 2 and 3, Fukui, Ron’s Point, Sachiko’s Point, Mandolin, Pangalisang, East Bunaken, and Muka Kampung.

Another activity that you can do in this place are sightseeing aroung the national park, glass boat, snorkeling, underwater photography, and simplet activities such as sunbathing.

Facilities Provided
·         Boat Filled
·         Diving Center
·         Cottages/ Pavilion
·         Restaurant
·         Souvenir Centre


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