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December 13, 2011

Komodo National Park, New Magnet of Indonesia Tourism

Komodo is the new magnet of Indonesia beside Bali which is formerly known by the world as The Island of God. By November 2011, Komodo is officially declared as The Provisional New 7 Wonder of Nature that will be confirmed on early of 2012. To introduce Komodo as Indonesia symbol, even the Government has put Komodo as the symbol of last Sea Games which was held on Jakarta – Palembang, November 2011 as Modo ( referred to Male Komodo ) and Modi ( referred to Female Komodo ).

Komodo National Park was established on 1980 in Nusa Tenggara to protect Komodo Dragon and it habitat from extinction. Terrestrial national park is 603 km ² and the total area is 1817 km ². This national park is consist of three islands : Komodo island, Rinca island and Padar island. These island is originally volcanic island. By 1986, Komodo National Park was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this national park, there are 277 species of animal which is a mix of animals from Asia and Australia which is consist of 37 species of reptiles, 32 species of mamalias and 128 species of birds.  Together with Komodo, 25 species animal is included protected species because  they are group of rare animal or limited their deployment.

Moreover, Komodo National Park also known with it beautiful of water conservation which attract tourist to enjoy water tourism, boating, snorkeling, boating, swimming and diving. This water conservation mostly consist of the coral reefs group. At least this water conservation consist of 253 species of reefs building coral and about 1000 species of fishes.

Komodo Dragon as The Special Attraction
Komodo is special attraction for each tourist who visit this national park. It always been the main reason why tourist come to this place. Komodo ( Varanus Komodoensis ) is the biggest lizard species in the world that live only in Komodo island, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Gili Dasami , Nusa Tenggara. In Komodo National Park, tourist can see this biggest lizard in average body length. Komodo is believed to be residual dinosaur ancient animal that is alive. Generally adult Komodo length is up to 3 meters with weight up to 140 kg.

In special moment, tourist also can enjoy special attraction of Komodo that rarely happen such as Komodo mating occurs between the months of May through August, watching Komodo bask along the street and in the branches of trees in the morning or even Komodo was eating the goats and deers.


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