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December 13, 2011

Mount Bromo

One of exotic place you want to visit to East Java would always be Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is very known with it exotic scenery  and it wide sea of sand. This place is always crowded with local tourist and foreign tourist and became the mainstay tourism of East Java province.          

 Mount Bromo is one of active volcano in Indonesia. Is it dangerous to travel that?? Definitely you have don’t worry because this place has extra security to detect about the volcano alarm. When the signal of volcano is ringing, this place will be close for particular period and no tourist would be allow to entering the ring of fire. So tourist should never be afraid to enjoy the vacation and beautiful scenery of this mountain.

Mount Bromo is about 2392 meters height above the sea level. It is covering four regions : Probolinggo regency, Pasuruan regency, Lumajang regency and Malang regency. The most attractive view is their sea of sand which is ranging very vast and wide. This sea of sand is about 10m2 and it made the exotic view around the mountain panorama. Wooowww, that’s why the tourist is always comfort to spend their holiday longer in this place.

Kesodo Ceremony
Kesodo Ceremony

Kesodo ceremony is the traditional ceremony which held by the native citizen or known as Suku Tengger as the symbol of asking help to God for abundant harvest reinforcement and the remedy for various diseases by dedicate the sesaji ( offering ) and throw it into the crater of Mount Bromo. If you come to Mount Bromo in the right time, you can see this unique traditional ceremony which is usually held at midnight until early morning every full moon, around the date of 14 – 15 in Kesodo Month or 10th of month according to the Javanese calendar.

Most Favourite Object
·         Ranu Darungan          : an area for camping and observing flora and fauna which have a beautiful too.
·         Pananjakan     : an area where you can enjoy the scenery of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru in one package.
·         Cemerolawang           : the entrance of Bromo National Park. It’s great to be here to enjoy the sea of sand and crater of Mount Bromo in a far distance.
·         Ranu Dani and Rani Regulo : a very cold lake which is full of fog and usually become the transit are for the climbers of Mount Semeru ( 3676m above the sea level ).
·         Bromo Mountain : one of most favourite mount to have a climbing and hiking.
Horse to ride you around
·         Hotel and Inn
·         Souvenir and Handicraft center
·         Horse to guide you around 


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