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December 11, 2011

West Bali National Park, Home of Nature Conservation in Bali

 Hear the words of “Bali”, I’m sure that everyone say that at least they’ve visited Bali once in life. Bali or known as The Island of God is one of most favourite tourist destination in Indonesia. Not only known with it rich culture, but also the collection of wonderful tourist destination. Since it popularity, Bali is frequently become one of film making location by Hollywood Industry,  the latest film which is making in Bali is Love, Eat and Pray which starred by Julia Robert was taking some action in this island. Tanah Lots, Kute, Tanjung Benoa, and Sangeh is very known as their tourist destination. But don’t forget, Bali still have West National Bali, which is offer the beautiful National Park in the western land.

West Bali National Park or known as Taman Nasional Bali Barat is nature conservation area in Bali which is one of nation park with nature ecosystem. It is located on the western of Bali, Indonesia and has wide about 77.000 hectares or approximately 10% land area of Bali island. This national park consist of variety of forest  and savannah. One of example, you can find the mangrove forest in this national park and another beautiful of nature conservation.

West Bali National Park is managed by the zoning system, according with SK/ Surat Keputusan ( Decision Letter ) of The Director General of PHKA No.SK.143/IV-KK/2010 per September 20th 2010 regarding Zoning of West Bali National Park ( Taman National Bali Barat ), it’s divided into group of zonings below :
·         The Core Zone, it’s approximately 8.023 hectares wide.
·         Forestry Zone, it’s approximately 6.174 hectares wide.
·         Marine Protection Zone, it’s approximately 221.741 hectares.
·         Beneficial Zone, it’s approximately 4.294 hectares wide.
·         Cultural, Historical and Regilion Zone, it’s approximately 50.570 hectares wide.
·         Special Zone, it’s approximately 3.967 hectares wide.
·         Traditional Zone, it’s approximately 310.943 hectares wide

By now, West Bali National Park has about 160 species of fauna and flora which is being protected, such as species of bats, deer, bull, variety of birds, monkey and many others. In Bali, you will also find Jalak Bali birds or Bali Starling Bird, which is the endemic fauna of Bali and now being endangered since it populize that always decrease from time to time. West Bali National Park is the last place for it habitat, that’s why people would never find it in other place. More than as The Nature Conservation, West Bali National Park also can be used as the center of science, research, tourism, recreation and aquaculture supporting.


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