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December 20, 2011

The Exotic of Kuta, Bali

An amazing place to enjoy the day beaches scenery…
Have some sunbathing is a great idea….
I know the weather is hot, but you could ignore it..
Because hot is easily replace with your happy-satisfaction feeling, you can deny it..

Kuta… you could never forget it!
Kuta… you should never miss it!
Run along, left you footprint on the white sand beaches,
Build your sand home with smiling faces
And made your name erase by the power of waves
What a feeling? I know!
Two days would never enough to spend the moment!

The only place which is known with it exotic and romantic twilight…
Kuta is more than just a tale, it’s a real place
It’s like a painted, you feel the unlimited comfortable
Less your fatigue, forget what’s outside
It’s a real place!
the weather is great, the people is fantastic
forget your headache, this is an experience of yours!
The night sky is additional accessories to make it much more beautiful..

Kuta, yes it’s in Bali!
The romantic and beautiful place in Indonesia
May you can declare your love here!
May you can celebrate some unforgettable moment here!
With the one you love, Kuta would never disappointed you
Because Kuta is more than just a tale, it’s a real place!
( Redva Kaurvaki, Kuta is a real place )


That’s a short poem which created by me, Redva Kaurvaki, this website owner, which have been publish on her another website, Princess Kaurvaki ( The Center of Abstract, Poetry, Tale, Inspiration and Motivation ). Yeah, must say that I’m very admire Kuta and can’t forget the moment what I was made there. My last visiting to Kuta is about three years ago, but till now the unique feeling about Kuta is remain in my heart. You may have visit many places, many islands and many beaches, but from wherever you are, I would say that you would never get enough without Kuta, Bali.

Kuta, is one of best beach area in Bali. Exactly, it’s located on Badung regency, Denpasar – Bali. Not only dedicate for the local tourist, Kuta is one of destination tourist abroad and become the mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early of years 1970.

Kuta is very known with it beautiful scenery in the twilight. When twilight comes, you can see the exotic view of the sunset. This sunset view is always succeed hypnotizing the tourist and make them can’t stop to wonder it. It’s really fantastic and romantic scenery. Tourist also can enjoy this sunset attraction while have some exercise and enjoying a refreshing blast. In fact, many tourist use Kuta beach as the place for exercise in afternoon since it fresh air and wait for the sunset. For this reason, Kuta is often mentioned as The Sunset Beach.  Kuta Beach is wide, and has clean white sand which is become the main attraction for the tourist.

Facilities :
·         Hotel and Cottage
·         Shopping Centre
·         Night/ Day Recreation Centre
·         Bungee Jumping
·         Water Boom


  1. I agree with you, Kuta is one of best beach in the world. I had visited twice in my life, I love this place and Indonesia too..

  2. Kuta is very romantic place, one of best Indonesia asset, I will visit this country

  3. @ All Anonymous : I guarantee that, Kuta is rock!! ^_^


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