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December 11, 2011

Karimunjawa National Park

Do you ever visited Central Java?? If yes, I’m sure that you had come to Karimunjawa National Park and wish to visit it again. Karimunjawa or Karimun-Java National Park  is the conservation area for marine ecosystems. It’s located in the north of Java island, administratively belong to Jepara district, Central Java province, Indonesia. It was establisher on 2001 by The Ministry of Forestry.

What to see in Karimunjawa?
Karimunjawa National Park is the cluster of 22 islands which has about 111.117 wide area. Karimunjawa is type of water tourism object which design as the protection of marine ecosystem or marine nature reserve. Like other marine park, Karimunjawa give you many kind of water attraction tourism beside the beautiful scenery of Karimunjawa island. You can enjoy the wonderful island with boating, play water game, walk around the karimunjawa national park and many else.

Karimunjawa is one of fishing centre in Central Java. In one side it give good impact for the local citizen because most of them work as the fisher, but in one side, it’s kind of threat for Karimunjawa preservation because over fishing had damage this ecosystem.  Over fishing is fishing which did without awaring the live of the ecosystem. It damage the coral reefs and fish ecosystem because the fisher using cyanide,  apotas or nets that danger the reefs.  


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